On the Paten with the Host

The author and composer of this Offertory hymn are unknown, and no published versions have been found.

There is a reference to it here in a booklet produced by a university in India in 1957, and the range of recordings of it on YouTube suggests that it is known in a variety of countries in Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Geoff from the Six Maddens website has put together some simple sheet music for it, based on the examples on YouTube.



Choir with backing band:

Instrumental - piano, harmonised

Instrumental - keyboard:


On the paten with the Host
I offer up my lowly heart:
All my life, my deeds, my thoughts
Thine shall be as mine Thou art.

In the chalice let me be
A drop of water mingled there.
Lost O Jesus in Thy Love
Thy great sacrifice I share.

All today and ev'ry day
O Jesus let me live in thee,
So that I no longer live
But that thou may'st live through me.

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