Bread from Heaven (Give us each day our daily bread)

This hymn was written by Unitarian minister Henry Warburton Hawkes (1843-1917) and first published in "Services for Congregational Worship" in 1914.

With meter CM, tunes it has been set to include:
  • MEDITATION by John Henry Gower, published in 1890


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Give us each day our daily bread,
In childlike trust we pray:
And thou each hungering soul hast fed,
From thy full board today.

For sorrow thou hast given a balm,
For swift temptation, aid;
Our stormy souls are once more calm,
Our wandering steps are stayed.

The holy words our ears have heard,
By saints and prophets given,
Within our silent hearts have stirred
The music sweet of heaven.

Our night has turned to sunny noon,
Beneath thy quickening ray:
Life seems again a wondrous boon
Since thou has blessed our way.

With strength renewed, the path divine,
We trace with willing feet:
And bless thee for this bread of thine,
This living water, sweet.


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