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Micah's Theme (Hear then what Yahweh asks of you)

This hymn is a setting of Micah 6:1 (the chorus) and a number of New Testament quotes. It is attributed to "Anne Kelly", but does not appear to have been published anywhere.

The meter is irregular, with slightly different rhythms in each verse.

The original text was "Hear then what Yahweh asks of you", but many people who use the hymn have now changed it to "Hear what the Lord God asks of you" - and this is reflected in the files here.



Hear what the Lord God asks of you
To live justly, To love tenderly
And to walk humbly with your God.

I have come that you may have life
And have it to the full.

Ask and you shall receive
Knock and it shall be yours.

Father, your Kingdom come
May your will be done.

Take up your cross and follow me
You shall share my life.

I am with you always
'til the end of time.

ABC Notation

A:A Kelly
C:A Kelly
O:Possibly Australia
Z:abc-transcription ,
T:Micah's Theme
"D"F2 "G"GG|"D"FD"A7"CC|"D"D4|"G"zG "A7"G2|"D"FD2z|
w:~~~Hear what the Lord God asks of you, to live just-ly
"A7"zEC2|"D"D>E F2| z "A7" GAG|"D"FF "A7"EE|D4-|"D"D2 z "A7"G/2G/2|]
w:~~~To love ten-der-ly and to walk humbly_ with your God._ (1.~~~I Have)
"A7"|G G/2G/2 G G | A3 A| "G"B>B A G |"A7"A4-|A2 z2||
w:1~~~come that you may have life and have it to the full._
"A7"|G G/2G/2 G>G | A3 z| "G"B B/2B/2 A G |"A7"A4-|A2 z2||
w:2~~~Ask and you shall receive_ knock and it shall be yours._
"A7"|G/2 G G/2 G G | A3 z| "G"B>B A G |"A7"A4-|A2 z2||
w:3~~~Fa-ther, your King-dom come may your will be done._
"A7"|G G/2G/2 G G | A>A A2| "G"B>B A G |"A7"A4-|A2 z2||
w:4~~~Take up your cross and fol-low me you shall share my life._
"A7"|G>G G G | A2 A2| "G"B>B A G |"A7"A4-|A2 z2||
w:5~~~I am with you al-ways 'til the end of time._

Ref:  What is ABC

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  1. Yes this is Australian and A. Kelly is a nun who is the sister of our living legend singer/songwriter Paul Kelly.