O Jesus Lord Increase our Faith

This hymn is suitable for funerals - or with some modifications for other occasions. It is based on a poem by Rev. John Franklin Bair, published in 1907 in his Complete Poetical Works. The original work has been adapted for more general uses as well.

With meter, tunes it has been set to include:
  • O WALY WALY - a traditional English folk-tune.

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Instrumental only


O Jesus, Lord, increase our faith,
The faith that is eternal life.
Relieve the burden of our grief
And lead our [brother sister] into light.
OR And lead us all, into your light.

O give us trust in your great love
That lives with pow'r beyond the grave,
A love unlike the meadow flow'rs
That bloom a while, then quickly fade.

Give us the comfort of those tears
You shed for Lazarus your friend.
Sustain us with your comfort now
Until our darkness has an end.

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