For Unto us a Child is Born - folk-style setting

The composer of this folk-style setting of Isaiah 9:6 is unknown.

It was included, in Songs of Praise and Scripture in Song Volume 1 - both published in New Zealand, and in  Arise Shine - Worship from Dales Bible Week, 1977 released by Harvestime (source).

If you have any information about the song, especially who wrote the tune, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.

It is set as one short through-sung piece, but can be repeated as desired.

The sheet-music below is in the tin-whistle friendly key of Dmaj, but it should be transposed to a lower key for singing.


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Choir with piano - recorded live in a church service:

Singer and choir with piano-led band - 1970s professional recording:

Singer with guitar and piano:

Singer with piano, words on-screen:


For unto us a child is born,
Unto us a son is given.
And the government will be upon on His shoulders;
And his name will be called
Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God,
The everlasting Father,
And the Prince of Peace is he.

ABC Notation

Ref:  What is ABC

T:For Unto Us a Child Is Born
A:Isaiah 9:6
Z:abc-transcription ,
z z/2 A/2 A/2G/2 | "D"F2 F| "D7"(FG) A| "G"G3- |
w:For un-to us a child_ is born,_
G2 B/2d/2 | "A7"c2 c | "Em"B2 c | "D"B A2- |
w:_un-to us a son is giv-en,_
"D7"A2 A/2A/2 | "G"B2 d| g2 d | "D"f3/2 ^e/2 f/2d/2 |
w:_ and the gov-ern-ment shal be up-on his
B A A/2d/2 | "A7"c2 c/2c/2 | B2 c/2B/2| "D"A2 B/2A/2 |
w:shoul-der, and his name shall be called won-der-ful, Coun-sell-
"A7"G3/2 G/2 A/2G/2 | "D"(F2 G | "D7"A2) A | "G"B2 d |
w:or, the migh-ty God__ the ev-er
g2 d| "D"(f3/2 ^e/2 f/2d/2) | "D7"A2 A/2 d/2 | "A7"c2 c |
w:last-ing Fa__-ther and the Prince of
"Em"B2 c | "D"d3-|yyd3 |z3 |]
w:Peace is he_.

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