Christ the Glory of the Sky

This is a hymn of praise to Christ, which is appropriate for the Transfiguration: It is based on a 5th century work, "Aeterna Christi gloria".

The words were translated by Scotsman Presbyterian-raised, Episcopalian and later Roman Catholic convert, lawyer and hymn-writer, Robert Campbell of Skerrington (1814-1868).

With meter 77 77, tunes it has been set to include:
  • CULBACH by German Catholic priest and composer, Angelus Silesius AKA Johann Scheffler (1624-77)

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • The American Catholic Hymnal, 1936
  • Annus Sanctus : hymns of the church for the ecclesiastical year. 1884
  • A Treasury of Catholic Song 1915
  • New Catholic Hymnal, Faber,  London, 1971


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Choir with organ:


Christ, the glory of the sky,
Christ, of earth the hope secure,
Only Son of God most high,
Offspring of a maiden pure.

Purest Light, with in us dwell,
Never from our souls depart;
Come, the shades of earth expel,
Fill and purify the heart. 

Help us now Thy praise to sing,
Praise for this returning day;
Light and life let morning bring,
Clouds and darkness flee away.

Faith in Him,Whose name we bear,
In our heart of hearts abound!
Hope, thy brightest torch prepare;
All with holy love be crowned.

Praise the Father, praise the Son,
Spirit blest, to Thee be praise!
To the eternal Three in One,
Glory be through endless days.

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