Let the Deep Organ Swell the Lay

This is a hymn in honour of St Cecilia.

The words were written by Roman Catholic priest Charles Constantine Pise (1801-1866).

With meter LM, tunes it is set to include:
  • GONFALON ROYAL, by Percy Carter Buck (1871 – 1947)
  • An un-named tune by Nicola Montani

Hymnals where it is published include:
  • The St Gregory Hymnal, 1920
  • American Catholic Hymnal, 1913
  • Hymns and Songs for Catholic Children, 1870


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Choir with organ:

Singer with band, contemporary Latin style:


Let the deep organ swell the lay
In honour of this festive day;
Let the harmonious choirs proclaim
Cecilia's ever-blessed name.

Rome gave the Virgin-Martyr birth,
Whose holy name hath filled the earth,
And from the early dawn of youth
She fixed her heart on God and truth.

Then from the world's bewildering strife,
In peace she spent her holy life,
Teaching the organ to combine
With voice, to praise the Lamb divine.

Cecilia, with a twofold crown
Adorned in heaven, we pray look down
Upon thy fervent votaries here,
And hearken to their humble prayer.

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