Before the Day's Last Moment's Fly

This evening hymn is based on an anonymous text from the 7th or 17th century, translated by Robert Campbell (1814-1868).

With long meter LM, tunes it is set to include:

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • The Westminister Hymnal, 1958

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Before the day's last moments fly,
Maker of all, to you we cry;
Beneath your kind protection take,
and shield us for your mercy's sake.

Let no ill dreams, our souls alarm,
No power of night approach to harm;
Let us lie down and take our rest
In knowledge that your love is best.

Father of mercies, hear our cry;
Oh hear, co-equal Son most high:
Whom with the Spirit we adore,
One only God for evermore.

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