By the Blood that Flowed from Thee

This is a hymn about the Eucharist, focussed on the Precious Blood. 

The words are attributed to English priest Rev. Fr. W. Faber (1814-1863).

With meter D, tunes it has been set to include:
  • SALZBURG by Jakob Hintze (1678)
  •  ST. EDMUND (Dykes) by English minister and organist, John Bacchus Dykes (1823- 1876).

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • American Catholic Hymnal - published by the Marist Brothers in 1913. Ref


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choir with organ, tune WESTMINSTER OLD

Instrumental - organ, tune WESTMINSTER OLD


By the blood that flowed from thee
In thy grievous agony;
By the traitor’s guileful kiss,
Filling up thy bitterness;
Jesus, Saviour, hear our cry;
Thou wert suff’ring once as we:
Now enthroned in majesty
Countless angels sing to thee.

By the cords that, round thee cast,
Bound thee to the pillar fast;
By the scourge so meekly borne;
By the purple robe of scorn;

By the thorns that crowned thy head;
By the scepter of a reed;
By thy foes on bending knee,
Mocking at thy royalty;

By the people’s cruel jeers;
By the holy women’s tears;
By thy footsteps, faint and slow,
Weighed beneath thy Cross of woe;

By thy weeping Mother’s woe;
By the sword that pierced her through,
When in Anguish standing by,
On the Cross she saw thee die;

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