Hail all Hail Great Queen of Heaven

This is a hymn about Our Lady of Lourdes.

The author and original source are unknown. 

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • The St. Gregory Hymnal - 1920
  • St. Basil’s Hymnal – 1906 Edition.

Tunes it is set to include:
  • PONE LUCTUM (1750)
  • An un-named tune Belgian Roman Catholic (Jesuit) priest, composer and palaeographer, Louis Lambillotte (1796-1855).


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Organ with words on screen (lyric video), tune PONE LUCTUM


Hail! all Hail! great Queen of Heaven,
Hail sweet Notre Dame de Lourdes,
'Neath whose care our weary exile,
Is from countless ills secured.

Then let men and angels praise thee,
Fount of grace to all assured,
While in gladsome strains we are singing,
Hail! sweet Notre Dame de Lourde
Hail! sweet Notre Dame de Lourde.

Blessed thou above all others,
Mary Mistress of the Spheres,
Star of hope, serenely beaming
Through this darksome vale of tears.

Happy angels joy to own thee,
O'er their choirs exalted high,
Throned in blissful light and beauty,
Empress of the starry sky.

As the fount is still unsealing
Its pure treasures softly fair,
May each drop be fraught with healing,
Dearest mother, at thy prayer.

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  1. I have just created this as a lyrics video, https://youtu.be/po7FHikRdXE
    A choir recording and a lyrics video for the 2nd tune also planned.