I'll Walk with God

This song was written by American lyricist Paul Francis Webster (1907 – 1984). 

It was created for a musical-film, The Student Prince, which was released in 1954.   This origin means it is sometimes considered as an inspirational popular song rather than a hymn, although the lyrics are a very clear statement of faith, and the song is popular at funerals.

It is usually sung to an unnamed tune by Russian composer Nicholas "Slug" Brodszky (1905 – 1958).


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From the original movie:

Soloist with orchestra, professional recording:

Choir with organ

Instrumental - keyboard; karaoke track with on-screen lyrics

Soloist with piano, live performance:

Singer with organ, recorded in a church:


I’ll walk with God from this day on. His helping hand I’ll lean upon.
This is my prayer, my humble plea. May the Lord be ever with me.
I’ll lean on Him forever, and He’ll forsake me never.

He will not fail me as long as my faith is strong.
Whatever road I may walk along. I’ll walk with God.
I’ll take His hand. I’ll talk with God, He’ll understand.

I’ll pray to Him, each day to Him and He’ll hear the words that I say.
His hand will guide my throne and rod and I’ll never walk alone,
while I walk with God.

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