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Let us Bow in Adoration

This hymn about the Eucharist is an alternative translation of the Latin hymn Tantum Ergo. The translator is unknown.




Let us bow in adoration, to this Sacrament so great
Here is new and perfect worship,
All the old must terminate,
Senses cannot grasp this marvel,
Faith must serve to compensate.

Glory, honour, adoration; let us sing with one accord,
Praised be God, Almighty Father,
Praised be Christ His Son our Lord,
Praised be God the Holy Spirit,
Triune Godhead be adored.


  1. I don't have them at hand - but let me see what I can find. Shouldn't be too hard to put together.

  2. Good job making these songs available. No need to carry a hymn book around... how wonderful.
    Thank you all.
    God almighty bless you.