Together we are Christ's Body

The author of this hymn is unknown. It is well-known in some parts of Latin America where there are strong Creole influences.

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Together we are Christ’s body
No longer slaves, but free.
Together as members of one family
We are called to preach Christ’s mystery.

We cannot do nothing if Christ ain’t inside o’we.
We can’t be his body if we ain’t loving as he
So we got to settle down and try to act differently, aha,
Let’s co-operate and respect each man’s dignity.

If our actions to selfish we gonna be in a mess.
We ain’t to compare who is better or who is best.
If at all a member flops we got to encourage he,
Yes, to get up again and regain his integrity.

Nobody is perfect but he who made you and me,
All o’we are sinners forming God’s family.
So we got to join we hands and labour with charity
Uh, huh, this will help to build a true Christian community.

Friends we got to toil because life ain’t got only fun.
Keep in mind the saying, “No cross without a crown”
Together we’re called to fight the wiles of the enemy
And strengthen the church by proclaiming Christianity.

Because we are Christians we can’t take life casually.
We can still be down to earth and behave religiously
Though we function differently we got one identity
Because, as children of God, we’re rebuilding humanity.

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  1. Author: Rv. Fr. Eustace Thomas, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies