Uprouse Ye Christian People

The lyrics of this nationalistic hymn about St George were written by Anglican minister Rev Cecil Henry Boutflower (1863–1942).

It is quoted in a church gazette published in New Zealand in 1917 (ref), and included in "An Extra Supplement to Novello's Parish Choir Book, 1906.

Tunes it is set to include:
  • ST GEORGE, by C H Lloyd




Uprouse ye, Christian people, who boast St. George today:
Arise, gird on your harness: go forth, tread down and slay!
Ye may not cease from battle, ye shall not sheathe the sword,
But cry "St. George for England, and England for the Lord!"

We will not cease from battle: we will not sheathe the sword:
"St. George, St. George for England, and England for the Lord!"

Is this a day for dalliance, is this a time for sleep,
When Lust and Sloth and Mammon their reign of terror keep?
Bring forth the sign of triumph that always hath sufficed,
On shield of purest whiteness the blood-red Cross of Christ.

O thou whose name of splendour is writ upon thy side,
Who conquering and to conquer before thy hosts dost ride,
True Lord of Christian knighthood, true king of chivalry,
Thou in thy saints art glorious: in them we follow thee.

We too with heaven's armies, we with St. George this day,
Would seek and smite the Dragon, nor falter in the fray
Till heart and hearth and nation acclaim with one accord
"St. George, St. George for England, and England for the Lord!"

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