Follow Me, Follow Me

This is a hymn about discipleship and following Jesus.

The words were written by English folk-hymn writer Michael Cockett (b 1938).

It was first published in England by Kevin Mayhew Ltd in 1977 in Hymns Old and New - A Hymn Book for the Irish Church - and subsequently has been included in a number of other hymnals from Kevin Mayhew Ltd.  The only current sources of sheet music that have been found are these hymn-books:
The song is set to an un-named tune composed  by Sr Madeline Cuddy FSC.   This has 4/4 time signature and is a major key - originally D, with the first few notes being AGF.

boat on the seashore - follow me



Solo singer with guitar (possibly the original recording):

Singer with keyboard backing track:

Youth choir with guitar and harmonica accompaniment:

Duet with backing track style accompaniment:

Singer with keyboard and backing track:

Instrumental - electronic keyboard with brass voice:


The full lyrics are copyright, so cannot be reproduced here.   But they are available on this website - presumably under license.

The song starts with a five-line chorus, and has three verses.   This is a rough outline:
Follow me, follow me, leave your home ....

The foxes have their holes ...

If you would follow me ...

Although I go away ...

Chord Pattern

The full tune cannot be provided here, because it is copyright. But below is a guitar chord pattern which some people have used to accompany the song

A7 D A7 D G D
D B Em A7 D A7 D G D A7 D

Em A7 D G F#
Bm F#m G Em F#m D A7 D

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Follow me, follow me, leave your home and family, Leave your fishing nets and boats upon the shore. Leave the seed that you have sown, Leave the crops that you’ve have grown, Leave the people you have known and follow me. 1 The foxes have their holes and the swallows have their nests, But the Son of Man has no place to lay down. I do not offer comfort, I do not offer wealth, But in me will all happiness be found. 2 If you would follow me, you must leave old ways behind. You must take my Cross and follow on my path. You may be far from loved ones, You may be far from home, But my Father will welcome you at last. 3 Although I go away, you will never be alone, For the Spirit will be there to comfort you. Though all of you may scatter, each follow his own path, Still the Spirit of love will lead you home.

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