All Hail Adored Trinity

This is a hymn of praise, about the Trinity.  It is based on an 11th-century Latin hymn, "Ave, colenda Trinitas."

The words were translated by English Church of England member, lawyer and liturgical writer John David Chambers(1805-1893). It was originally published under the title "The Father, Son and Holy Ghost", with the 2nd verse as a chorus.

With meter LM (, tunes it has been set to include:
  • OLD HUNDREDTH/100TH by French composer Louis Bourgeois  (c. 1510 – 1559), from from the Genevan Psalter,1551.  This is the most-commonly used tune 
  • O LUX BEATA TRINITAS - Sacred Plainsong, Mode VIII - Chambers' original tune for the hymn
  • MENDON - a German tune
  • GOLDEL - by J H Schien
  • ILLSLEY by English organist John Bishop (1665-1737)
  • DEVONSHIRE by John Frederick Lampe


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Choir with organ and drums, recorded live in a church service, tune OLD 100TH

Choir with organ, professional recording, tune OLD 100TH

Choir, unaccompanied, tune TBA

Cantor (and congregation?) with organ, words on-screen, tune OLD 100TH

Singer with keyboard, tune TBA

Choir with piano, words on-screen, tune OLD 100TH:

Choir with organ, professional recording, tune TBA

Instrumental, organ, tune DEVONSHIRE


All hail, adored Trinity;
All hail, eternal Unity;
O God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, ever One.

Original chorus:
Behold to Thee, this festal day,
We meekly pour our thankful lay;
O let our work accepted be,
That sweetest work of praising Thee.

Three Persons praise we evermore,
One only God our hearts adore;
In Thy sure mercy ever kind
May we our true protection find.

O Trinity! O Unity!
Be present as we worship Thee;
And with the songs that angels sing
Unite the hymns of praise we bring.

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