Joe Zsigray

Picture of Joseph (Joe, Joey) Zsigray, age approx 60, in a classroom light by flourescent tubes.
Joe (Joseph Raymond "Joey") Zsigray, Jr. was born at Martins Ferry, Ohio, United States of America on 19 January 1953, and died at Corozal, Belize in Central America on 28 January 2014.

The eldest of seven children, Joe loved music from an early age.  He was a self-taught guitarist and pianist, and learned to read music.

A dedicated Roman Catholic, he considered the priesthood and attended a high school seminary in Inidiana for a short time.  He did not persist with this plan, and graduated from Midview High School in 1970.

As a young adult, Joe was very involved in the Church, and began writing music.    At age 19, he published an album, which was followed by four other full-length albums, all in the "Jesus Music" style of the 1960/1970s:
  • Berekah, 
  • O Bless the Lord My Soul, 
  • Sing a Song of Love, 
  • Arise! Come Sing in the Morning and 
  • Father We Sing Your Praises.

He work was originally published by North American Liturgy Resources (NALR).   They are no longer operating, but their catalogs are now managed by OCP and some of Joe's works are are available for copyright licensing through the OneLicense programme - although they are not listed in CCLI's SongSelect tool.

Joe was a member of several parishes in the greater Cleveland area, including St Angela Merici in Fairview Park and Sacred Heart in Elyria:  The latter had a Mass-setting from one of his albums named for them.

In mid-life, Joe was involved in various community-arts organisations.   He became involved with making mountain dulcimers, and taught music using dulcimers, harmonics and similar folk-style instruments.

He also came to know people in the Central American country of Belize and  was spending half of each year there, voluntarily teaching music to primary school students.


Sing A Song Of Love

1974 - Published by North American Liturgy Resources

01. Come thou Holy Spirit Come
02. The Earth is Full of the Goodness of the Lord
03. Alleluia
04. Your Name O Lord
05. Holy Holy
06. Lord by your Cross and Resurrection
07. Sing a Song of Love
08. We will Celebrate
09. Words of Institution
10. Searching for the Lord
11. Glory and Praise Forever
12. May the Angels
13. Blessed be God

Arise Come Sing in the Morning

1973, North American Liturgy Resources.


Published in 1973

1-1 Proclaim His Marvelous Deeds 2:59
1-2 Happy Are They Who Hope In The Lord 2:02
1-3 You Will Show Me The Path To Life 4:32
1-4 Christ Died For Our Sins 2:41
1-5 Stay With Your People Lord 3:50
1-6 Eucharistic Acclamations 1 1:27
1-7 Eucharistic Acclamations 2 1:14
1-8 Eucharistic Acclamations 3 1:10
2-1 If We Love One Another 3:31
2-2 Your Word Is A Lamp To My Feet
2-3 Our Father 2:04
2-4 Lord By Your Cross And Resurrection 1:33
2-5 Lamb Of God 1:32
2-6 Lord Be With Us 4:56
2-7 Lord It Is Good To Give Thanks To You 2:59
2-8 Amen Alleluia

O Bless the Lord my Soul

Part I

01. Let us Lift up our Hearts (Song for Pauline)
02. Kyrie(*)
03. Gloria(*)
04. Forever I will Sing - Pslam 198
05. Heavenly Father Hear Us
06. Holy Holy(*)
07. Anamnesis
08. Doxology and Amen(*)
09. Christ our Light (Easter Processional)

Part II

01. Coming of our God (Christmas Carol)
02. Psalm Sunday Processional
03. When we eat This Bread(*)
04. Lamb of God(*)
05. Many are we, Yet we are One
06. O Bless the Lord my Soul - Psalm 34

(*) From the setting "Mass for the People of Sacred Heart Parish"

Father We Sing Your Praises 1978

01. Father We Sing Your Praises
02. Penitential Rite
03. Gloria
04. Lord Send Out Your Spirit
05. Alleluia
06. General Intercession
07. Holy, Holy
08. Christ Has Died
09. Dying You Destroyed Our Death
10. Doxology & Great Amen
11. You Shall Love The Lord Your God
12. When We Eat This Bread
13. Lord By Your Cross
14. Lord’s Prayer
15. Lamb Of God
16. Alleluia Praise The Lord On High
17. Lord Jesus Christ
18. Magnificat

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