Yes Heaven is the Prize

This is a hymn about heaven as the goal of life on earth. 

It is attributed to English Roman Catholic Redemptorist priest Edmund Vaughan (1827-1908).  Some publications attribute him as the translator, but the hymn it was based on has not been identified.  (If you have any information about it, please leave a message in the Comments box below.)

Although it hasn't been widely recorded, there are versions on YouTube in several native-American languages, and choral performances from several African countries - and enquires to this website show that there is on-going interest in the hymn.

The hymn was set to different melodies in two early publications:  both are un-named and the composers are unknown, one is referred to as an "English tune".   


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Duet with electronic organ:

Choir practise - unaccompanied:

Solo singer, c&w style, Cree language:

Solo singer, self-accompanied on guitar, recorded at a live performance, English language:

Choral performance:


Yes, heaven is the prize,
My soul shall strive to gain.
One glimpse of paradise,
Repays a life of pain.
Yes, heaven is the prize,
Yes, heaven is the prize.

Yes, heaven is the prize,
My soul, O think of this.
All earthly goods despise,
For such a crown of bliss.

Yes, heaven is the prize,
When sorrows press around.
Look up beyond the skies,
Where hope and strength are found.

Yes, heaven is the prize,
Oh it's not hard to gain.
He sure wins the prize,
For hope can conquer pain.

Yes, heaven is the prize,
Death opens wide the door.
And then the soul can fly,
To God forevermore.

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