God is Love and God is Light

This hymn was written by Church of Ireland minister John S. B. Monsell (1811-1875).

Hymnals it is published in include
  • Hymns and Songs for Children's Worship, Together with Selections for Anniversary and Festive Occasions‎. Publisher Green Hill Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, 1869
  • The Sabbath School Melodist, published in 1866
  • Spirital Songs for the Sundays and Holidays Throughout the Year - published in 1923, and reproduced in 2009, lrics only

The tune that it was originally sung to is unknown.

It is not the same hymn as John W Peterson's work which starts "God is love, the heavens tell it, Stars above in brilliance spell it, God is love rejoice and sing my soul ".

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God is Love; the heavens tell it
Through their glorious orbs of light,
In that glad and golden language
Speaking to us day and night,
Their great story,
Their great story,
God is Love and God is Light.

And the teeming earth rejoices
In that message from above,
With ten thousand thousand voices
Telling back, from hill and grove,
Her glad story,
Her glad story,
God is Might and God is Love.

Through these anthems of creation,
Struggling up with gentle strife,
Christian songs of Christ's salvation
To the world, with blessings rife,
Tell their story,
Tell their story,
God is Love and God is Life.

Up to Him let each affection
Duly rise, and round Him move;
Our whole lives one resurrection
To the life of life above;
One glad story,
One glad story,
God is Life and God is Love.

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