Walk With me O my Lord

This is a hymn of petition, asking for God's help in times of difficulty

It was written by English Roman-Catholic convert, physiotherapist, and later teacher and hymn-writer Estelle White (1925-2011), and first published in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume 2 in 1976.  Copyright is now held by Kevin Mayhew Ltd, and the sheet music is not available separately.   But it is in Hymns Old and New, 2008, which is still in print, and possibly other books too.

It is popular for funerals, and also sometimes for used for weddings.

The tune is un-named.   It has a 2/4 time signature.   In the key of D, the first few notes are A GF ED DD.
Footsteps along a beach in late afternoon - walking alongside the son, not directly at it


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Small choir at a church service, keyboard backing:

Singer with guitar-led accompaniment, words on-screen:

Solo singer, with guitar and synthesised backing:

Instrumental, rendered on an electronic keyboard:


The words to this song are copyright, so cannot be reproduced in full. But they are available on this website.  A rough outline is:
Chorus - repeated after each verse
Walk with me, oh my Lord,
Through the darkest night and brightest day.
Be at my side, oh Lord,
Hold my hand and guide me on my way.

1. Sometimes the road seems long ...
2. Stones often ...
3. Just as you calmed ...
4. Help me to pierce ...
5. As once you healed ...

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Chorus: Walk with me oh my lord, through the darkest night and the brightest day. Be at my side Oh my Lord, hold my hands and guide me on my way. 1 Sometimes the road seems long, my energy is spent. then, Lord, I think of you and I am given strength. 2 Just as you calmed the wind and walk upon the sea, conquer, my living Lord, the storms that threaten me. 3 Help me to pierce the mists that cloud my heart and mind so that I shall not fear The steepest mountainside. 4 As once you healed the lame and gave sight to the blind, help me when I’m downcast to hold my head up high.

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