I Will Sweep Away Your Transgressions

This penitential hymn about God's mercy is based on Isaiah 44:21. It was written by (presumably Canadian) Roman Catholic spiritual director (ref) Laure Salo.

It was published in the Canadian Catholic Book of Worship version II, 1980 and version III 1994.  No other sources of sheet music have been found, and it does not appear to have been used outside of Canada.

The unnamed tune has a 3/4 time signature. In the key of Em, the first few notes are B,B, EE E EF GF E EG B_.  The tune feels a little like a Russian folk-song, although I have not found any particular tune which influenced it.

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I will sweep away your transgressions like a cloud
And your sins will be to me like a mist dissolved
So return to me, I will heal you, for I love you.

If you say to me: "Father I am blind"
If you say to me "I can't see."
I will be your light,
I'll restore your sight,
Place all your darkness in me.

If you say to me "I'm in prison Lord
Imprisoned by my fears."
Then I'll come to you,
I will comfort you,
Let me wipe away your tears.

If you say to me, "I am lame and poor,
I need to be healed and set free,
I have sinned O Lord,
I am sorry Lord,
I need you to live in me."

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  1. Hi. I can most definitely assure you this song is credited to Laure Salo. Our group wanted to use this hymn for a special occasion last fall and we eventually were able to track down Ms. Salo, who was very gracious is allowing it to be used. Copyright belongs to her.