O Virgin Mother (Lady of Good Counsel)

The origin of this hymn is unknown:  some sources say that it was written by American poet Eleanor C. Donnelly (1838-1917), and set to music by Sister Mary Alexis Donnelly RSM.

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • Hymns used by the Pupils of the Sisters of Notre Dame, 1955
  • The Ordinary of the Mass and Complete Manual of Hymns for Parochial Schools, 1935



Choir, with keyboard accompaniment:


O Virgin Mother, Lady of Good Counsel
Sweetest picture artist ever drew;
In all doubts I fly to thee for guidance
Mother tell me what am I to do.

By thy face to Jesus' face inclining
Sheltered safely in thy mantle blue;
By his little arms around thee twining
Mother tell me what am I to do.

By the light within thy dear eyes dwelling
By the tears that dim their lustre too;
By the story that these tears are telling
Mother tell me what am I to do.

Life, alas! is often dark and dreary,
Cheating shadows hide the truth from view;
When my soul is most perplexed and weary,
Mother, tell me, what am I to do?

See my hopes in fragile vessel tossing,
Be the pilot of that trembling crew;
Guide me safely o'er the dangerous crossing,
Mother, tell me, what am I to do?

Should I ever, wilfully forgetting,
Fail to pay my God His homage due;
Should I sin, and live without regretting,
Mother, tell me, what am I to do?

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  1. Very beautiful hymn I only knew 2 verses Thank you Cait

  2. Glad there is a record of this song. My mother remembers it fondly. I wish the quality was better! Maybe, when no one is in the sanctuary, re record it,?


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