God and Man at Table are Sat Down / In Christ There is a Table Set for All

This is a hymn about the Eucharist.   It can be said to be based on Exodus 18:12 “Aaron came with all the elders of Israel to eat a meal with Moses' father-in-law in the presence of God" - but clearly has other scriptural links, including the Last Supper.

It was written and the tune composed by United Methodist Minister Dr. Robert J. (Brother Bob) Stamps while he was chaplain at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA).  A student, David Stearman, assisted and enhanced the tune.

Written in 1972, the song was first published by the ‘Word of God’ Charismatic Community, University of Michigan.

The song was popular in both the UK and US, and has also been translated into:
  • Dutch (Wees Welkom Al Gij Heiligen Van Ouds) 
  • Swedish (Gud är en av oss vid detta bord). 
  • French : Venez du fond des temps (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWgfFVGINbw)
  • German : Gott und Mensch
  • Italian : Venite dal profondo
  • Slovenian : Bog in človek združena.

Sometimes the song is is called "O Welcome All Ye Noble Saints Of Old" or "Welcome All You Noble Saints".

As awareness of gender-exclusive language grew, it became clear that the original text could not easily be adjusted.   Stearman and Rev Stamps collaborated and reworked the title and hook-line as "In Christ There is a Table Set for All".

The original text was copyright by Dawn Treader Music of Pasadena Texas in © 1977, and is now administered in the UK and Ireland by Song Solutions and in the US by Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing.

The song is popular for Lord’s Supper re-enactments, as well as services with a social inclusion / justice theme. It has been recorded by many artists, including:
  • Craig Smith 
  • Michelle Swift on the “Beloved Disciple" CD” arranged by Travis Cottrell (link below)
  • Cynthia Clawson

Sheet music for the song is currently published as “In Christ there Is a Table Set for All” in:


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Church choir with piano, recorded live in a church service:

Church choir with guitar/rhythm backing - recorded live in a church service:

Singer with organ backing:

Singer, with piano and orchestral backing - professional recording


The full lyrics are subject to copyright, and cannot be reproduced here, but are available on this website.   Each verse has three lines, followed by a chorus which is the title repeated twice.    An outline of the lyrics is:
1 O, welcome all ye noble saints ....

God and man at table are sat down,
God and man at table are sat down.

In Christ there is a table set for all,
In Christ there is a table set for all.

2   Elders, martyrs, all are falling down... 

3    Who is this who spreads the victory feast?... 

4    Beggars, lame, and harlots  .. 

5    Worship in the presence .... 

6    When at last this earth shall pass away...

A specifically Eucharistic verse was added by Stamps in 1980, and may not be subject to the original copyright:
‘Here he gives himself to us as bread;
Here as wine, we drink the blood he shed.
Born to die, we eat and live instead,
[ God and man at table are sat down | In Christ there is a table set for all.]’

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1 Welcome all ye noble saints of old,
as now before your very eyes unfold
the wonders all so long ago foretold.

God and man at table care sat down.

2 Elders, martyrs, all are falling down,
prophets, patriarchs are gath'ring round;
what angels longed to see, now we have found.

3 Who is this Who spreads the vict'ry feast?
Who is this Who makes our warning cease?
Jesus risen, Saviour, Prince of Peace.

4 Beggars lame, and harlots also here;
repentant publicians are drawing near;
wayward sons come home without a fear.

5 Worship in the presence of the Lord
with joyful songs, and hearts in one accord,
and let our host at table be adored.

6 When at last this earth shall pass away,
when Jesus and His bride are one to stay,
the feast of love is just begun that day


  1. Your information for the song, "God and Man at Table are Sat Down / In Christ There is a Table Set for All" says:

    "Sheet music for it is currently published as “In Christ there Is a Table Set for All” in . . . The second - but not third - edtion of the Gather Comprehensive hymnal (GIA Publications - USA)"

    That is INCORRECT. I just purchased the second edition and the song is NOT included. I emailed the publisher, and they responded that the song is only included in the FIRST edition.

    1. Thanks for the information, I've now updated the listing accordingly.

  2. Oh fantastic!! I loved this song as a kid and wanted to find it again. Thanks for the info!

  3. Why are people questioning who wrote this song?

  4. Hi, How would I get permission to use this song in a book to be published.. Just the lyrics, and sheet music form?

  5. Hi How would i get permission to use this song to be publish in a worship haggadah that will be published? It would be in lyrics and sheet music form. Thank you! Karen

    1. You would need to approach whoever manages the copyright in the country you are in = or the most closely-linked one if your country is not directly covered.

  6. I am trying to obtain the sheet music for The Easter Song so we can sing it this Easter, but I have had no reply to the email I sent that was listed on the website. Suggestions. We also project the lyrics to the hymns on a large screen and I would like to obtain permission to do so. Please help connect me with someone.

  7. I'm taking a class with Dr. Stamps now at the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, VIRGINIA UNION UNIVERSITY, RICHMOND, VA - and he is just as awesome now as the song that he wrote almost 50 years ago!

  8. Love the song. Of course when Christ is present beautiful things happen.

  9. Hi. This song and a youtube video made using it would be a great blessing to be able to show this Sunday in church to accompany a special message. Since our services (during the pandemic) are put on Youtube and Facebook for our home viewers, I realize we need special permission to be able to show it. How can I acquire the necessary permission?