O Maid Conceived without a Stain

This is a hymn about the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

The author and original composer are unknown. 

Hymnals it is published in include
  • The Catholic Youth's Hymn Book (1871)
  • The Catholic Youth's Hymn Book by the Christian Brothers (1885)
  • The Catholic School and Sodality Hymnal(1900)
  • The Holy Ghost Hymnal (1954) - with a tune by "Terry" copyright to Burnes, Oates & Washbourne Ltd
The dates of these mean that the hymn is now in the public domain.


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Singer with synthesizer-backing:


O Maid conceived without a stain,
O Mother bright and fair;
Come thou within our hearts to reign,
And grace shall triumph there.

Hail, Mary, ever undefiled,
Hail, Queen of purity!
Oh! make thy children chaste and mild,
And turn their hearts to thee.

Thou art far purer than the snow,
Far brighter than the day;
Thy beauty none on earth can know,
No tongue of men can say.

O Mother, of all mothers best,
Who soothest every grief,
In thee the weary find their rest,
And anguish'd hearts relief.

Oh! then for us, thy children, plead,
Thy pity we implore;
That we, from sin and sorrow freed,
May love thee more and more.

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