O Thou Immortal Light Divine

This is a hymn about the Trinity. 

It was written by English priest and translator Edward Caswall (1814-1878). It was first published in the "Masque of Mary" 1858.

It has been set to un-named tunes by Goundud and H W McClelland.


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O Thou immortal Light divine
Dread Trinity in Unity
Almighty One, Almighty Trine
Give ear to thy Creations cry.

Father in majesty enthroned,
Thee we confess with Thy dear Son,
Thee Holy Ghost! Eternal bond of love,
Uniting both in One.

As from the Father increate.
His Son and Word eternal came ;
So, too, from Each the Paraclete
Proceeds, in Deity the same ;

Three Persons I — among whom is none
Greater in majesty or less ;
In substance, essence, nature, One ;
Equal in might and holiness.

Three Persons, — One Immensity
Encircling utmost space and time I
One Greatness, Glory, Sanctity,
One everlasting Truth sublime !

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