Peace It Is I / Fierce was the Wild Billow

This hymn is based on  a work by St. Anatolius (c. 458), which was inspired by the story of Christ calming the storm.  An alternative title is Travellers or For Travellers at Land and Sea.

It was translated by English Anglican priest, scholar and hymnwriter, John Mason Neale (1818-1866) and first published in1862.

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • EUROCLYDON, by G W Torrance
  • FAITH by Rossini (1790-1868)
  • MOUNTAIN WAVE - arranged from Beethoven
  • ST HELENA by Aldred Reginald Allen 1911
  • An unnamed tune by Amy Parkin, early 21st century
and many others.


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Singer with piano - unnamed tune:

Instrumental - synthesizer, tune ST HELENA:

Instrumental (organ) with words on-screen:


Fierce was the wild billow,
Dark was the night;
Oars laboured heavily,
Foam glimmered white;
Trembled the mariners,
Peril was nigh:
Then said the God of God,
"Peace! it is I."

Ridge of the mountain-wave,
Lower thy crest!
Wail of Euroclydon,
Be thou at rest!
Sorrow can never be,
Darkness must fly,
Where saith the Light of Light,
"Peace! it is I."

Jesus, Deliverer,
Come thou to me;
Soothe thou my voyaging
Over life's sea:
Thou, when the storm of death
Roars, sweeping by,
Whisper, O Truth of Truth,
"Peace! it is I."

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