O Star of Christ's Appearing

This is a hymn for Epiphany, ie the visit of the wise men to the stable.

The author is unknown:  several places that have used it have stated that the hymn is in the public domain, but no evidence has been found for this.

With meter, it is set to the tune WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN by Johann Steurlein (1575) which is more commonly used for "Sing to the Lord of Harvest".


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O star of Christ's appearing, surprise us still today.
The journey to the stable is not our chosen way.
Entranced by pow'r's ambition, we seek the victor's wreath.
A saviour born in hunger is not the hope we seek.

The Magi, wise to follow, obey the call of grace,
Not to the courts of power or sunlight favoured place.
They journey on by starlight into the deepest gloom.
Where life and courage falter, there holy Christ is born.

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