Hubert John (Bert) Richards

Hubert John Richards (1921-2010) was a scripture scholar, lecturer and author.

Born in Germany, his family settled in England when he was six. His father was as a butcher.

After receiving his initial education in England, Richards studied at the English College in Rome, which, in 1939, temporarily relocated to Stonyhurst due to WWII.

Later, he also studied in Rome at the Pontifical Biblical Institute.

Ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 1946, Richards returned to England in 1949 as Professor of Scripture at the Westminster Seminary.

However he had significant conflict with the English bishops and eventually resigned from the priesthood in 1975, although he remained loyal to the Catholic Church.

Although not trained as a musician, he played guitar and wrote a number of gospel songs to support his catechetical work. The most well known being "Go Tell Everyone", which was first published in 1969.

In 2011, his wife Clare published A Voice Crying in the Wilderness: Hubert Richards: What Really Happened?, which provides insights from Richard's own writing about the events he experienced.

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