Praise God of Abraham

This is a hymn of praise.  It is appears to be based on The God of Abraham Praise, a hymn by Thomas Olivers, which is itself a translation and paraphrase of The Yigdal of Daniel ben Judah, a Jewish judge in Rome, circa 1400.

The author and composer are unknown.

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Praise God of Abraham
The heavenly King who with love abideth in eternity;
My hymn O Lord is high,
Heaven and earth praise Thee
I will always exalt Thy Holy Name.

Praise God of Abraham,
Giver of all blessings.
Who to seek joy at his right hand,
Hath exalted man: I loath all worldly cares,
That may draw me away from thee:
Knowledge, and strength and fear
Will be my key steps to God.

O God who lives on high,
There all the angels praise;
Saying holy, holy, holy almighty King;
Thow who sitteth on the throne,
Shall reign forevermore,
My hymn of praise is great
O Lord we worship Thee.

All the heavenly powers glorify and praise thee.
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit for ever more:
With the heavenly choir
I will thank my Lord and God;
For Kingdom, Power and Glory,
Are thine now and ever more. Amen.

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