All Who Believe and are Baptised

This short hymn about baptism and Christian unity in diversity was translated to English by George Taylor Rygh (1860-1942), from an original work written by Thomas Hansen Kingo in 1524. It may be sung as a round.

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • ES IST DAS HEIL from Etlich Cristlich lider, Wittenberg, 1524.




All who believe and are baptised
Shall see the Lord's salvation;
Baptised into the death of Christ,
They are a new creation.
Through Christ's redemption they shall stand
Among the glorious heav'nly band
Of ev'ry tribe and nation.

With one accord, O God, we pray:
Grant us Your Holy Spirit.
Help us in our infirmity
Through Jesus' blood and merit.
Grant us to grow in grace each day
By by this sacrament we may
Eternal life inherit.

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