Hymn to St Brigid (Saint Brigid, saint most holy)

This hymn to St Brigid of Kildare was written by Sister Mary Francis Cusack in the 19th century (ref) - who is possibly the same person as Sr Mary Anna Cusack.

Because it was published in 1868 - and by that time, it was well-enough known to have an indulgence associated with it (ref - page 169 ), is safe to assume that the words are now in the public domain.

The tune that it was sung to originally is unknown.


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Saint Brigid, Saint most holy,
Dear Patron of our Isle,
Oh, keep us meek and lowly
Whatever foes beguile!
Watch o'er our sea-girt island,
Thy mantle spread around,
As once thou didst extend it
On Curragh's holy ground.

Ask that God's saints may bless us
With blessings not a few;
What can we fear of evil
With Patrick and with you?
Make the holy still more holy,
Make the pure ones still more pure-
With thy protection, Brigid,
Of blessings we are sure.

Pray for us, saintly maiden.
Pray for thy own dear isle.
And keep us from the tempter.
From sin and every guile.
Oh, make our faith still stronger.
Our patience yet more sure.
And teach us that the victor
Must to the end endure.

Pray for us, then, St. Brigid,
Thy children we would be.
And guide us up to heaven.
To Patrick and to thee.
We fight for crowns eternal,
We suffer but to win,
And he must fight who conquers
The tempter and the sin.

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