These Forty Days of Lent

The first verse of this hymn was written by Omer Westendorf (1916-1997), while verses 2-5 were written by Claudia Frances Hernaman (1838-1898) - under the title "Lord who Throughout These Forty Days" and originally published in A Child’s Book of Praise; A Manual of Devotion in Simple Verse, 1873.

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • ST FLAVIAN, from John Day's Psalter, 1562




These forty days of Lent, O Lord,
With you we fast and pray;
Teach us to discipline our wills
And follow Lord your way.

As you with Satan did contend,
And did the victory win,
O give us strength in You to fight,
In you, to conquer sin.

As thirst and hunger you have known
So teach us gracious Lord,
To die to self and only live
By your most holy word.

And through these days of penitence,
And through your Passiontide,
Forever more, in life and death,
O Lord with us abide.

Abide with us, so that this life
Of suffering once past,
An Easter of unending joy
We may attain at last.

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