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Hail Holy Joseph Hail

This hymn about St Joseph, husband of Mary, was written by Frederick W. Faber (1814-1863).

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • ST GALL, 1863
  • LAMBILLOTTE, by Louis Lambilotte (1796-1855).



Solo singer with light piano:

Small church choir with organ:

Choir of elderly nuns with organ accompaniment:

Classical guitar - simple setting:


Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
Chaste spouse of Mary hail!
Pure as the lily flow'r
In Eden's peaceful vale.
Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
Prince of the house of God!
May His best graces be
By thy sweet hands bestowed.

Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
Comrade of angels, hail!
Cheer thou the hearts that faint,
And guide the steps that fail.
Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
God's choice wert thou alone!
To thee the Word made flesh,
Was subject as a Son.

Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
Teach us our flesh to tame,
And, Mary, keep the hearts
That love thy husband's name.
Mother of Jesus! bless,
And bless, ye saints on high,
All meek and simple souls
That to Saint Joseph cry.

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