St Joseph God has Chosen You

This hymn about St Joseph was written by James J. Donohue, and the copyright is attributed to him.   But no further information about him has been found.

With meter CM (, tunes it is set to include:
  • RICHMOND - by Thomas Haweis and Samuel Webbe (the Younger) 1792
  • DIADEMATA (Elvey)
  • LONDON NEW, composer unknown, adapted from the Scottish Psalter 1635.

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:



Instrumental - piano. Tune NEW LONDON


Saint Joseph, God has chosen you
To keep His Church from harm.
So hold the Church as once you held
The Christ-child on your arm.

Saint Joseph, God has given you
All workers for your own.
Teach them to do the best they can,
With steel and wood and stone.

Saint Joseph when you pray for us,
Pray to the Three in One;
But talk in human words with him,
Who let you call him Son.

A website-visitor reports singing the following verse whilst in Catholic school in the USA - it is not included in Hymns Old and New for the Catholic church:

St. Joseph when my death is near
Come bending by my side.
As Jesus and His Mother knelt to
Help you when you died.

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  1. I remember this hymn from Catholic grade school in the US. There is a 4th verse we sang too. "St. Joseph when my death is near come bending by my side. As Jesus and His Mother knelt to help you when you died."

    1. Yes!
      What a holy man of mystery!
      What an amazing example of selfless love!
      We know so little about St Joseph who was the guardian and protectors of the Holy Family before Jesus was born, when he was an infant and as a young boy.
      Doubtless also through his teens, though Sacred Scripture mentions nothing, Verse 4 reflects a plausible, sensitive scene!
      What a lovely hymn!
      Thank you.