Come With Us, Mary / Santa Maria Del Camino

This is an English-language translation of a song used by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St James) in Spain.

The author and composer are unknown.

The English and Spanish words scan very differently, and it is unlikely they are sung to the same tune.

If you know of an on-line example of the English version of this hymn, please leave a comment below.



Spanish version

Lead singer and small group with guitar:

Small group with keyboard / backing band


English-language words

You are never alone in life;
Mary is with you on your journey.

Come with us, Mary, as we walk !
Come with us, Mary, as we walk !

Even if someone tells you that nothing can change
Fight for a new world, fight for the truth.

Even if others in the world don’t recognize you,
Still, reach out to those who are with you.

Even when it seems useless to keep going,
Stay the course, and others will follow you.

Spanish-language words:

Mientras recorres la vidatù nunca solo estas :
Contigo por el camino Santa Maria, va

Ven con nosoros al caminar Santa Maria, ven;
Ven con nosotros al caminar Santa Maria ven.

Aunque te digan algunos que nada puede cambiar
Luncha por un mundo nuevo, luncha por la verdad.

Si por el mundo los homres sin conocerse van,
Mo niegues nunca tu mano al que contingo esta

Aunque parezcan tus pass inutil caminar,
Tu vas haciendo caminos, otros los seguiran

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