Brother Damian Lundy FSC

Picture of the cover of this book - includes a colour picture of Brother Damian Lundy FSC
Michael Lundy was born in Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire on 21 March 1944.  He was one of two children, and his father was a pastry-maker and confectioner.   His childhood was spent in Yorkshire and then Bradford

He entered the De la Salle Brothers in 1960, and was then given religious name, becoming Brother Damian.  He took final vows with the brothers in 1969.   As well as a primary degree, he later completed a PhD as well as a Bachelor of Divinity (BD).

Initially he worked as a teacher of English, music, drama and religious education.  Then he moved into youth-work and was one of the founders of a residential youth-retreat and formation centre, St Cassian's in Kintbury, Berkshire.   He was involved with the Charismatic movement, with Catholic Youth Services, and a key figure in the youth events during the Pope's 1982 visit to Ninian Park.  He travelled to youth events in various overseas locations (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan).  Later, he also became involved in adult catechetics and faith formation, and carried out  research and in this area.

Damian was also a poet and writer, and produced many poems / songs which were used in his work with young people. He also edited several folk-genre hymn-books produced in the late 1970s / early 1980s (Songs of the Spirit - Songs and Hymns of the Renewal, More Songs of the Spirit) produced many articles and academic works, as well as writing or co-authoring several books:
  • To Grow in Christ (1980), 
  • Growing in Faith (1982)
  • What's the Point of it All (1992)
  • To Live is to Change (1995)

Although he did not receive any formal musical training or play an instrument, he was a singer, and skilfully adapted music and song for his religious education work with teenagers.    Arguably some of his most enduring songs and hymns are poems set to English folk-tunes, for example "Walk in the Light" and "Sing of a Girl".

In later life, Damian worked more on adult-catechetics and faith-education, completing a thesis in the topic in 1987.  He then joined a project which worked on developing religious education programmes for use in schools in England and Wales.

He died, aged, 52, on 9 December 1996 of hereditary kidney disease, after some years of ill-health.

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