In Bread We Bring You Lord

This hymn about the Eucharist was written by English Catholic priest Kevin Nichols (1929-2006).

Often used as an offertory hymn, but it fits a variety of themes (Eucharist, unity, reconciliation). It was first published in 1976 in Kevin Mayhew's 20th Century Folk Hymnal, Volume 3.

The unnamed tune by Nichols has a 4/4 time signature.   In the key of F the first few notes are C F G A AA A.



A solo version, by a professional singer

An instrumental version, on keyboard

Congregation, lead by a small group


The full lyrics are copyright, so cannot be reproduced here. A brief outline is given below. There are two verses,and each has eight lines, with two phrases in each line. Each verse progresses thematically from what the singer/congregation is bringing to worshipping God and acknowledging Eucharist as source and summit.

In bread we bring you Lord, our body's' labour
In wine we offer you ...
... our Lord and King.

The bread we offer you is blessed and broken,
And it becomes for us ...
...take and redeem.

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