Sound of His Trumpet

The author and source of this hymn about Christ as the bridegroom of the church are unknown.

The language used suggests that it was written prior to the 20th century and is likely now in the public domain. But no published versions have been found to date, so this cannot be confirmed.



Sound of His trumpet, thrilling with rapture,
Ushers the bridegroom to us again;
All through the ages, patiently waited
Some are now sleeping, others remain.

Heavenly bridegroom, Heavenly bridegroom,
Welcome my Saviour, hail Thee my king!
Hallelujah! I am rejoicing!
Singing I go like birds on the wing.

Just like a thief thou comest for treasure
Saints from the earth, transported shall be;
Angels from heaven muster with trumpets
Echoing anthems sweetly of Thee.

Radiant with glory, luminous sweets star
Fairer than morning, lovable He;
Higher than heavens, honoured by Father
This is the Lamb slain, even for me.

Saints who are sleeping rise in a twinkling
Rising immortal caught up to Thee;
O, what a gathering! Some from all nations,
Meeting with Jesus in secrecy.

There up in heaven saints for enthroning
Eagerly angels wait for that day;
Bride in her garments, radiant fine linen
Honoured thy Saviour, this is her day.

1 comment:

  1. Who wrote this beautiful song? It's definitely an inspired song. Wonderful meaning with deep revelation. Soul stirring song. God bless


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