This is my Command (Commandment) I Give You

The author and composer of this children's hymn about the Great Commandment, based on, are unknown.

It was used in Catholic schools in New Zealand during the 1970s - and is now being used at some funerals in New Zealand.   There is also some evidence of is being used  (perhaps not widely). in Ireland (ref).


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Singer, self-accompanied on guitar:


This is my commandment I give you,
Love one another,
And let your love be
Like my love for you.

Lord, open pathways,
For friendships warm ways,
This day and always,
In your family.

Lord, hear our pleading,
All our hearts yearning,
For understanding,
In your family.

Lord heal dis-union,
Blend in communion
All who seek union,
In your family.

ABC Notation

T:This is my Commandment
O:Possibly New Zealand
"^Chorus"yyyE>E E>E E2 G2 | G4 F4 | D4 E2 F2 | A4 G4 |
yyyyG4 G2 c2 | c4 A4 | G2 E2 F2 D2 | C8 ||
"^Verse"yyyyE4 E2 G2 | G4 F4 | D4 E2 F2 | A4 G4 |
yyyyG4 G2 c2 | c4 A4 | G2 E2 F2 D2 | C8 ||

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  1. My mother Mary Sara wrote this hymn in NewZealand may years ago

    1. Hi - great to hear from you. Would you like to share any more detail about where the song was written, and who it was written for? I'm guessing your mother was a teacher? Was it published anywhere? Would you like to have it credited to her? (If you like, you can email me at instead of leaving a public comment here.)

    2. Hi.. Thankyou so much for acknowledging this beautiful hymn.. yes she was a teacher and very proactive in modernisation of the Catholic Syllabus.. she wrote the Living Light Series which was used when we were children.. I’m so proud of her achievements and would live her to be acknowledged for this song.. kind regards MarieAnne