O Help of Christians

This hymn was most likely written by PJ Brennan.

It was published in the Sydney Catholic Weekly in 1942, with attribution  "Music by a Sister of Mercy; words by P.J.B." (ref).   It is not clear if this was the first publication - but it would make sense, in the context of World War II.

It was later included in the Veritas Hymnal, published in Ireland in 1973 with the words attributed to P J Brennan,and the tune named as AUXILIATRIX CHRISTIANORUM by V O'Brien.  This may or may not have been the same tune as was used in the Australian publication.



O help of Christians, Mother dear
Thy children cry to thee.
From lonely homes where sorrow's tear
Is bitter as the sea.

O Queen of Peace to thee we pray,
That ruthless war may cease;
That all may sing Hail Christ our King
Hail full of grace, hail Queen of Peace.

True Queen of prophets who foretell
The Prince of Peace and love,
Inspire all nations, young and old,
With wisdom from above.

ABC Notation

T:O Help of Christians
A:P J Brennan
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
E | FEFA | AGA ","yy A | GA F>E       | E3 E |
    FEFA | BcB       E | FA A G       | A3 c |
    BABc | ABB       A | GA F>E       | E3 E |
    FEAF | ABc       A | Bcd "^,"yy c | B3 A | A3 ]

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