Persons are Gifts

This hymn is about the uniqueness and dignity of each human person, and the sense of each being a gift to others.

The author and composer of this hymn are unknown.  One video on Youtube credits it to Sister P del Rosario.  If you have any information about the song, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.

It is popular in parts of Asia, and was sung by students in New Zealand in the 1980s. The language used suggests that it was either translated to English from another language, or written by an person with English as a second language.


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Singer, self-accompanied on keyboard:

Small choir with guitar accompaniment:

Instrumental - keyboard:

Instrumental - with words on-screen:


Persons are gifts of God to me
That come all wrapped so differently.
Some so loosely, others so tightly;
But wrappings are not the gifts

I am a gift from God to me,
Do I accept the gift I see
I am a person, and for this reason,
A wonderful gift of love.

Am I a gift to others too,
Willingly given for you and you.
We are all persons, we are all gifts.
So let's make a grand exchange of gifts.

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