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There's a Light Shining Forth

The author and composer of this praise-and-worship chorus are unknown. It was published, unattributed, in Scripture in Song II in 1981.



There’s a light shining forth.
I can see it on the horizon.
It’s the army of God,
Preparing for war.
Coming conquering, victorious,
O’er the army of Satan,
Nothing shall stand
Before the army of God.

ABC Notation

T:There's a Light Shining Forth
O:Possibly New Zealand
K:Eb clef=treble
G/2>G/2 | GFE | "Eb"B3-| B3|-B z G/2>G/2 |
w: There’s a light shin-ing forth.__ I can
G/2>G/2 "Ab" A "Eb"G/2>G/2 | "Fm7"G F2-| F3-| F z D/2>D/2
w: see it on the ho-ri-zon.__ It’s the
D C B, | "Bb"B3-|B3-|B2 B | c B A |
w: ar-my of God,__ pre-par-ing for
"Eb"G3-|G3-|G z G/2>G/2 | GFD |
w: war.__ Com-ing con-quer-ing,
BB B-|B3-|B2 B/2>B/2 | B"Ab"c"Eb"B |
w: vic-tor-ious,__ o’er the ar-my of
"Ab"B A2-|A3-|A3 | "A7"edc | "Eb"B3-| B3-|
w: Sa-tan,__ noth-ing shall stand__
B3/2 F/2 F/2>G/2 | "Bb7"AGF | "Eb"E3-| E3-| E2 z ]
w: _ Be-fore the ar-my of God.__

About ABC notation

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