Within Thy Sacred Heart

This is a this hymn about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The author is unknown.

The tune it is set to is attributed David Gregor Cormer and first published in Gross Catholisches Gesängbuch (the so-called “Great Catholic Hymnal”) in 1631.

Hymn-books that it has been published in include:
  • Diocesan Hymnal: Hymns for Monthly Devotions Part 2, 1928
  • Pius X Hymnal, 1953

There is also a record of the first verse being published in an Irish newspaper in 1918, here.   And the full text is included in a pamphlet "Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle" from 1897, which is available here.   Based in this, it is assumed that the words are now in the public domain.


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Unaccompanied choir, professional recording:

Singer, unaccompanied:


Within Thy Sacred Heart, dear Lord,
My anxious thoughts shall rest.
I neither ask for life nor death.
Thou knowest what is best.

Say only Thou hast pardoned me,
Say only I am Thine.
In all things else dispose of me.
Thy Holy Will is mine.

Ah! why is not my love for Thee
Unbounded, past control?
Alas! my heart obeyeth not
The impulse of my soul!

Ah, Jesus! if love’s trusting prayer
Seem not too bold to Thee,
Place Thy own heart within my breast;
Love Thou Thyself for me!

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