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Galilee Song

This hymn about the call to discipleship was written by Australian Roman Catholic priest and liturgist Fr Frank Andersen. 

It was originally the title track of The Galilee Song collection and is also included in the Scripture in Song - The Music of Frank Andersen MSC collection, which is still available.   Both of there include sheet music for the song.

Some people believe that the song was inspired when Andersen saw fishing boats in the suburb of Island Bay in Wellington, New Zealand while he was making a retreat there.   It's not clear if there was any basis to this story.

The tune is in a major key (C in the original printing, with chords in G), with a 4/4 time signature.



Solo singer with keyboard and light rhythm backing

An energetic rendition by a worship band

Professionally produced choir:


The lyrics are copyright, and cannot be reproduced here. The song starts with the first verse, and there is a four line chorus between verses. Each verse is eight lines long. A rough outline over the verses is:
1 Deep within my heart I feel ... Evening shadows one more time 
Chorus:   So I leave my boats behind ... 
2 In my memories I know ... As I travel deserts dry 
3 As I gaze into the night ...Beyond the fears that close me in

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Deep within my heart, I feel voices whispering to me.
Words that I can't understand; meanings I must clearly hear!
Calling me to follow close, lest I leave myself behind!
Calling me to walk into evening shadows one more time!

So I leave my boats behind!
Leave them on familiar shores!
Set my heart upon the deep!
Follow you again, my Lord!

In my memories, I know how you send familiar rains
Falling gently on my days, dancing patterns on my pain!
And I need to learn once more in the fortress of my mind,
To believe in falling rain as I travel deserts dry!

As I gaze into the night down the future of my years,
I'm not sure I want to walk past horizons that I know!
And I need to learn once more like a stirring deep within,
Restless, 'til I live again beyond the fears that close me in!

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