Canticle of Love (Therese the flame of love bright)

This hymn about St Thérèse of Lisieux is from the Community of Teresian Carmelites, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, but the exact author and composition date are unknown. It does not appear to have been published anywhere.

With meter D, it is set to (and likely written for) the tune AURELIA. This was composed Samuel Sebastian Wesley and first published in 1864 - and today widely used for the hymn The Church’s One Foundation.


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Instrumental version - organ

Instrumental version - keyboard backing with cello voice lead:


Therese, the flame of love bright
Abided in your heart.
You listened still like Mary
And chose the better part.
You made yourself a dwelling
For Him who reigns above.
O sing for us your story,
Your canticle of love.

To live of love's your story,
A hidden life unknown,
Just like the tender Master
Who had no earthly home.
But love, your sole desire,
Transformed all time and space;
In every place and moment,
You found God's loving grace.

Your melody of love sung
Will find a welcome here;
Its descant's high resounding
Will cast out all our fear.
The God of love and mercy,
With whom you took delight,
Will be for us a shelter
By day and in our night.

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