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Come to the Water (you who are thirsty) - Andersen

This hymn by Australian Fr Frank Andersen was originally published in "Eagles Wings" and so is included in the Scripture in Song - The Music of Frank Andersen MSC collection, which is still available.   Both of there include lead-sheet style sheet music.

It is a setting of the section of Isaiah 55 which is used as one of the readings from the Catholic Easter Vigil service.

The tune was written by Fr Andersen:  it is in a major key (C in the original printing), with a 3:4  time signature.



Solo singer, backing track

Small group. live recording in a church service:


The lyrics are copyright. The song has three verses and a chorus - it starts with the chorus and this is repeated after every verse.  A rough outline over the verses is below - and the full version is currently found here.
Come to the water, you who are thirsty,
Though you have nothing, I bid you come,
And be filled with the goodness I have to offer
Come! Listen! Live!

1 Why spend your money on what cannot fill ...

2 Just as the heavens are high above earth ...

3 Just as the rain falls to water the earth  ...

See more ...

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