From Clear High Mansions Above

This hymn for the feast of St Thérèse of Lisieux is apparently taken from the Carmelite Breviary, but the author is unknown.

With meter, it is set to the tune LUCE DIVINIA RUTILANTIS AULAE.



From clear high mansions of that shining palace
Where you enjoy the light of God's dear presence,
And plead our causes, mindful of your promise
Shower down your roses.

Roses of faith to shed its light supernal,
Roses of hope when obstacles surround us,
And for our strengthening in daily living
Roses of pure love.

Through your own childlike confidence and candor
Send us the rose of quietly discerning
Love of a Father, shining in each happening
Both sweet and bitter.

This be our portion, God forever blessed,
Father eternal, Son and Holy Spirit,
Whose is the glory which through all creation
Resounds forever.

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