The Earth O Lord Rejoices

This is a hymn of praise and petition for God's favour.

It was written by American Roman Catholic priest Jeremiah William Cummings  (1824-1866), and first published in Songs for Catholic Schools and the Catechism in Rhyme (New York: D. & J. Sadlier, 1862). Subsequent publications include The Catholic Youth's Hymn Book (1871) and The De La Salle Hymnal: for Catholic schools and choirs (1913).

With meter, names of the tunes it has been set to are unknown.


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The earth, O Lord, rejoices,
And sings with glad acclaim,
A hymn of many voices,
In honour of thy name.
We join the happy chorus,
That hails the morning light;
And bless the Lord that o’er us,
Kept loving watch all night.

Our every thought and action,
We offer up to thee;
From folly and distraction,
We beg thee keep us free.
Let no profane example,
No censure, no applause,
Lead us this day to trample,
O Lord, upon thy laws.

It pleased thee, Lord, to make us,
That we might serve thee here;
Let not thy grace forsake us,
But keep us in thy fear.
Preserve our life, O Father,
That we may serve thee still;
But let us lose it rather
Than disobey thy will.

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