The Rose we Need Today / Little Flower of Carmel

This is a hymn to St Thérèse of Lisieux, known as the Little Flower.

The author and source of it are unknown. If you have any information about it, please leave a comment below.


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Instrumental - piano. 
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Little Flower of Carmel,
Saint of our own day,
Lovingly we come to you
To learn your Little Way.

Dear St. Theresa, do not turn away,
Drop down just one little rose,
The rose we need today.

Jesus and His mother
Smiled on you from birth.
Now you spend your heaven
In doing good on earth.

You refused God nothing,
Loved to do His will,
Now he grants your every prayer
And he will grant it still.

Now you scatter roses,
Rich with leaves of grace,
Therese of the Child Jesus
And of the Holy face.

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  1. happy to see these beautiful lyrics...i was searching for this blessed song long years before..feeling blessed

  2. We sang this beautiful little St. Therese song in elementary/grade school (Oxford Street School in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in the early 1950's. The school was located across the street from St. Theresa's Parish which was founded in about 1932 - therefore it would be one of the first parishes in the world named for St. Threse who was canonized in the 1920's I believe. We were taught the song by the Sisters of Charity, many of whom taught at that school.
    D. Grantham

  3. My heart is full, thank you for the lyrics

  4. Sang it at St Theresas girls high school in Swaziland.Good memories

  5. Sang it at St Theresas girls high school in Swaziland.Good memories.