There is a Rose in the Garden / Children of the Rose

This hymn was written by Dan Rutledge as part of the Mass of St. Thérèse.   It was dedicated to "Marianne, Mom, Mary and their Families"

It is © 1998-2002 Dan Rutledge, London Ontario Canada


An MP3 track of the song was previously available from from this website.


The words are copyright, so cannot be reproduced here. A rough outline is:
1  There is a rose in the garden.
One rose with the beauty of three.
But it will pale beside one petal of my rose.
And I will send you roses faithfully.

I will spend my heaven doing good upon the earth.
I will send you showers of the rose.
I have spent my life time loving in my Little Way.
Follow me, o Children of the Rose!
Follow me, my Children of the Rose!

2  There are many saints in the heavens.
Saints to bring your soul to sanctity.
I am always here when you need me.
When you see a rose just think of me.

3  There is an angel beside you.
An angel to guard patiently.
Talk to your angel beside you.
We will keep your guardian company.

4  There is our God in His heaven.
One God in Three Person Deity,
There is a Little Way to virtue.
All God's children win eternity.

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